Our Values & Vision


Co-Ordinated Support Services:
  • Maintains the highest standards of ethical practices
  • Treats our clients as individuals
  • Promotes independence and quality of life
  • Actively encourages participation in person centred planning and decision making by clients, their families, carers and stakeholders
  • Maintains accountability in our practices and procedures, and strive for transparency in our decision making
  • Recognises and respond to diversity in all aspects of our operations
  • Maintains a high level of knowledge, business systems and clients services standards
  • Fosters and maintain alliance which add value, range and quality on the services available to our clients
  • Develops and maintain partnerships which add value to CSS services



Co-ordinated Support Services is an organisation that continues to grow with their clients, positively impacting on their lives and their families.
Providing innovative solutions in community services.



  • Co-Ordinated Support Services objectives are to:
  • Support RELIABLE service provision across the sector through COLLABORATION;
  • Offer life changing THERAPUTIC support;
  • Build lifelong RELATIONSHIPS;
  • Deliver INNOVATIVE solutions;