Support Coordination

At CSS we focus on assisting you to make the most of the opportunities that your NDIS plan offers you. We help you put your plan into action and work alongside you to achieve your goals.

Support coordination enables you to:

  1. maximise the value for money you receive from your supports
  2. genuinely exercise their choice and control
  3. implement your plan
  4. have increased capacity to manage/direct their own supports
  5. have greater opportunities to explore and connect with community and alternative support options
  6. better coordinate multiple supports and services
  7. have the capacity of their informal support network strengthened
  8. be better able to use the NDIS Participant Portal my place

CSS’s Support Coordinators focus on providing information that will allow you to make informed choices and support best outcomes for YOU. We work with you to identify possible service providers and connections in your local area.